Pascal Howe was born in 1981 in Delmenhorst a city close to Bremen in the North West of Germany. He founded his company after finishing his studies at the University of Arts in Bremen 2013 as well completing an apprenticeship for a goldsmith. In 2015 himself and Moritz Putzier together founded ACME SUPPLiES. ACME SUPPLiES is based around an online platform, presenting works of various artists and designers for sale as well as creating a network between them for collaboration. “ACME SUPPLiES should be understood as more like a network that presents work rooted from original processes and not just current trends.“ Howe’s portfolio ranges from design of the everyday piece to works that are the visualisations of concepts. He considers his works more as something integral and blurs the separations between the different fields of design. Cheekily, he describes his work as “Something between Pop Art and Bauhaus.“