No.19 is composed of various geometrical shapes reminiscent of what could be called form for form’s sake. Yet, don’t be fooled, this table deviates in it’s functionality behind the details of the design. With no front, back, left or right, every element of the table has a use that would be easy to overlook as only pleasing for the eye. Functions that unlock secrets of new organization and convenience so obvious that they become immediately essential once they are had. The height of the horizontal tabletop is high enough to place the side table very close to beds or couches. It’s vertical bar serve as storage for books, magazines, vinyls or whatever else comes to mind. It is the final design of 19 drafts, thus the name: No.19. The side table is produced by a family business on the sunny Mediterranean island of Sicily and painted in Berlin.


2016, Finetextured & powder coated steel, 68 x 37 x 27cm
Made in Germany and Italy. Designed for acme SUPPLiES.

Studio Pascal Howe size No19



Urbanstr. 71
10967 Berlin

Grolmanstrasse 44 - 45
10623 Berlin


Pfalzburgerstr. 20
10719 Berlin