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Cassette Burn caters to music aficionados who find services like Spotify and Apple Music lacking. These mainstream platforms don't cater to niche tastes, focusing instead on broad appeal. They often miss essential features, reducing music consumption to a mere background activity. This approach is a far cry from the traditional experience of eagerly visiting a record store on Friday afternoons to discover and discuss the latest albums and unearth artists previously unknown to you. How do we then engage these passionate music fans and convince them for another music streaming platform? Cassette Burn, a compact app, offers a unique solution by enabling users to record digital songs onto cassettes. The goal is to introduce a simple, yet innovative, tool that can eventually evolve into a larger product and business model, rather than starting with a complex solution.



A concept of friends for friends about a new music streaming service for music lovers that do not feel welcomed by Fast-Music-Services.

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