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On one hand I led the redesign of the Kollex webpage, aimed at improving the connection between beverage wholesalers and gastronomists. A key feature of this project was the development of an onboarding funnel leading to a personalized, role-based e-commerce dashboard for each user, enhancing the user experience with personalized content. After user interviews and field-tests, we introduced as well a simplified messanger app for direct communication and easy ordering between the gastronomist and the wholesaler. This allowed our teams to focus on the large wholesalers who really need an e-commerce dashboard and concentrate on the app for the smaller wholesalers. As a result, we were able to scale our userbase faster.

OCT 2019 - APR 2020


Joint Venture between Coca Cola, Bitburger, CHEFS CULINAR, Krombacher, Rotkäppchen-Mumm. Kollex is a company that provides digital solutions for the beverage wholesale industry.

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