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Art & Fashion Performance

Left Hind Leg of Ursa Major was shown at the old listed production facilities of Kaffee Haag in Bremen/Germany on 2. July in 2010. With the performance Pascal Howe wanted to create a framework for the different collections of the fashion designers Eva Baramsky, Elena Clausen, Hanna Sin Gebauer, Isa Griese and Julia Preckel that originated independently of each other. He was inspired by the room that was nearly dark. Merely the tabular ceiling lamps set some light in the dark space, that seemed to be lifeless. Like stars in the universe, forerunners of life, the lamps also proclaim life surrounded by the black inside the facilities. A light-space in the form of Ursa Major, who surrounded the models with its seemingly unreal, soft and cold-white light originating from the lamps. Projecting the shadows, sanctioning the models energy to flow. Nearly weightlessly the models were led to the motion detectors from the "left hind leg" to the torso. Surrounded by a backdrop of sound between music and an acoustic atmosphere created by both cellists Matthias Boutros and Lynda Cortis. A phonetic that was amplified even stronger by the hall and it's stone walls, building up, ever more powerful and connecting with the environment as a whole. With the phonetics and the collection, the choreography changed fluently. Like interaction between celestial bodies, every model referred to each other. After the departure of all the collaborators, the Cellos fade out leaving only recognition for related ambient noise and the existence of an audience.

Matthias Boutros, Lynda Cortis
Rachel Pasztor, Susanne Petzold, Pascal Howe
Julian Hölscher, Pascal Howe
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